Sunday, June 29

On Turning 70!

I always knew that someday I was going to get old but it seemed so far away.  I'm still not sure where the time went but yesterday was the day I turned the Big 70.  Here's hopin' it's the new 50!  I don't feel any different.  I used to think that 70 was ancient -- after all my grandmother was 70 and she was really old!!!  At least I thought so when I was a kid.  Most days I feel about 32 which is a long way from 70 so this is going to be a new experience for sure.  I had a friend call last night to ask me how it feels to be so old (she's 4 months older than me so can get away with that).  She told me that when she turned 70 she bought a calculator to check the numbers because she just didn't believe it.  No matter how she manipulated the numbers her age was always 70 she threw the calculator away!

I have the best children -- thoughtful and caring and very generous.  They have been planning on a birthday "bash" since Christmas because to quote my daughter, "How often does a gal turn 70?"  She flew in from NC for the week-end, we went to a favorite Italian restaurant for lunch after I picked her up at the airport, then went to the family farm where her brother, his girlfriend and my 2 young grandsons were waiting for us.  The boys had blown up balloons, decorated the house with banners, made cards (the absolute best kind from a grandchild!) and had presents and a cake.  Dinner was delicious and the cake yummy.  The oldest grandson, age 7, has always called me MA as does his 5 year old brother.

Thoughtful and generous presents including a photo of the barn during the winter that was transferred to canvas and a quilt that my daughter made containing 70 squares.  They thought of everything!

If you are fortunate enough to celebrate your 70th birthday, don't dread it -- embrace it with enthusiasm and joy because you have reached a wonderful milestone.  You have seen your children grow into valued adults who are contributing to society in a positive way.  You have seen them marry and have children of their own and now you can watch your beautiful grandchildren grow and develop with such innocence and wonder in their eyes.  They love you unconditionally and make your heart swell with love and pride each time you are lucky enough to see 'em and give them a hug and kiss.  I can never thank my family enough for caring so much.  Family is the greatest gift of all!!!

Sunday, June 1


Ok, summer has finally arrived and Santa is taking a well-deserved break and heading to the beach!  Sounds like a plan.  This is another in my series of counted cross stitch monthly Santa's that I stitched on 14 Aida cloth.  How cute is the reindeer float he is wearing?  And I love the flip-flops.  I get to enjoy part of my Santa collection all year long.

Sunday Showcase #245