Sunday, January 19

Knitting -- keepin' busy

It's snowing again!  Ok, it's January and I know I should expect cold windy days with little to no sun but this is getting ridiculous!  Not to mention I am cooped up inside with acute bronchitis and am getting bored.  I decided it was time for a knitting project because I can cough and stitch at the same time.  My daughter gave me a beautiful hand spun skein of yarn that is a mixture of wool, mohair and angora in all the colors that I love -- aqua, peach, rose, and variations of each of these.
I wanted something quick and small since I only had 1 skein of this yarn so decided on a scarf -- in this climate you can never have too many of those!  I logged in to my Ravelry account and while searching for something different, found the twisted drop stitch.
Using size 15 needles, I cast on 20 stitches, knit one row and then used the twisted drop stitch for every following row until the end when I knit another row before casting off.  I like the loose effect and the way the shading of the colors presents itself.  It only took a few hours to complete and tomorrow it will make it's debut when I wear it for the first time.

Friday, January 10

New York City

At least once a year, my daughter and I go on a "road trip".  We've been to Charleston, Savannah, New  York City, flea markets, trips just to see how many antique shops we could go through without losing our minds, warm weather or cold, the point is to spend time just enjoying being together.  While she was home for Thanksgiving we were watching the Macy's parade on TV and saw some of the floats that featured musical numbers from the Broadway shows.  One was from "After Midnight" and we were both blown away!  We looked at each other and immediately said that we needed to make a trip to NY and see this show.  Within 10 minutes we had tickets for the show, reservations at the hotel and we were both on our iPads getting flights that would coordinate so we could meet at the airport and go in to the city together.

Times Square -- the heart of the theater district and definitely where we wanted to be.  The George M. Cohan statue, the location of Dick Clark's ball on New Year's Eve (the crystal one - get your mind out of the gutter!), and a huge sign that reads "New York is in a SUPER BOWL state of mind".  My daughter flew in from NC and had no problem getting there.  I was flying in from Chicago where the temperature was -10 degrees and flights were being canceled right and left.  YIKES!  What made us think that flying anywhere in January was a good idea?  I finally got there but 12 hours later than originally planned.  We missed our afternoon of walking around and having a nice dinner but being well trained by her mama, she had 2 big bottles of wine in the room when I finally got there.  White for her, red for me. And to go with it, Hershey bars!!!  Who needs dinner?!?

Mickey on Broadway, American flags everywhere and Radio City Music Hall -- what could be more iconic?  It was just 7 degrees while we were there so did little outside other than to rapidly walk from one spot to another.  We had tickets for Wednesday night to see "After Midnight" but wanted to try the kiosk for tickets to another show for the Wednesday matinee.  We were lucky and got tickets to "Kinky Boots" for a lot less than I had found them online -- a lot less!  Breakfast at Bond 45, a trip to the Museum of Photography, a quick "slice" of NYC style pizza folded in half just like they do it on TV, the matinee and then a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant next to the theater.  The evening show of "After Midnight" that was almost an hour late starting because of a broken water main and flooded theater basement.  The music was wonderful because the Lincoln Center Jazz Ensemble provided all the "tunes" and were on stage like the 1930's big bands used to perform making them part of the show.

Two flights from different places, two bottles of wine, two nights at the hotel, two wonderful Broadway musicals and two people who love each other and enjoy being together -- how much fun is that?  We had such a great time that we are already planning n doing this again but trust me when I say it will be at a warmer time of the year!  Thanks, Babe, I loved every minute of our trip.

Saturday, January 4

January Santa

Ok, so the ornaments are all put away for another 11 months, all the dry pine needles are vacuumed, the stockings are "unhung", left-overs either eaten or thrown out and poor ole Santa is pooped!  Come to think of it, everyone I know is exhausted at this time of the year -- me included.
So off come the boots and out comes the teapot filled with hot tea to settle the stomach of the guy who ate his way around the world just a few short nights ago. After all, just how many cookies and glasses of eggnog can one man consume? The date on the back of this piece is 3 Jan 1991.  After completing the series of monthly Santa's in counted cross stitch, I switched back to knitting, needlepoint and then quilting for awhile.  Right now I am knitting a sweater that I need to finish before I get sick of looking at it!  More on that later.