Saturday, July 25


I set out today to get a "prim fix" since it has been what seems like forever since I did any antiquing or flea market shopping.  I broke my wrist in early March and that quickly put a halt to all things fun!  Surgery to insert 9 screws and lots of physical therapy later and now I can go out cruisin' for  those old things that I love and can't seem to live without.  Today I went to my favorite primitive shop located in Sandwich, IL called BITTERSWEETS.  I have shopped there for years during owner changes and even a few shop name changes but one thing always stays the same -- their quality of primitive home decor.  They have some antique pieces as well as new items such as candles, lines, braided rugs, etc. to help complete the "look".
The old home now used for the shop was built in the late 1800's and was a private home before it became the location for several local businesses including a brothel at one time.  The floors creak when you go in and they are well worn pine. Display areas are usually antique pieces of furniture cleverly used to show off their inventory.
The mercantile cabinet is filled with dish towels made from homespun fabrics and make terrific napkins and placemats (I know this because I use them all the time!) The back room has bolts of fabric perfect of quilting, clothing or making your own linens.  All the "muddy" colors that us "prim lovers" search for and rarely find.
And things are always changing with the seasons.  I love fall and today the owner had just completed a display in the 2nd floor filled with pumpkins, silk bittersweet, fall colored leaves -- everything ready for Halloween including a large skeleton! One of the vintage crock bowls in the shelving display on the right came home with me.  It will be filled with candy corn for my sons wedding in October at our farm.

There are several other really cute shops in Sandwich, some antique, some vintage, restaurants and other fun places.  Make a day of it and be sure not to miss BITTERSWEETS because it is well worth the trip.  Not to mention fresh picked sweet corn is for sale on about every corner in the county!  I see a road trip in your future!

Thursday, February 12

Hearts big and small

Y'all probably know already that I am a collector -- I'd give up goin' to the movies or a sporting event in order to go to a flea market or antique shop instead.  I'd much rather find a cute ironstone pitcher than a nice piece of jewelry.  Crocks?  Baskets? Old quilts?  I'm there!  And I love anything with hearts and/or stars -- always have and I'm pretty sure I always will.
Hearts are always tucked into unexpected spots in my home so when Valentine's Day comes, I tweak what I have, move things around a little and kaboom! I'm ready. Oh yeah, then there's the fact that red is one of my favorite colors and I adore old quilt pieces that have been repurposed so it all works. Enjoy.