Friday, September 19

Natural fall mantle make-over

I don't know where the time goes but it's fall already!  So time to spice the place up with a little fall color and decor.  I always start with the mantle and spread out from there.  This year I thought I would stay with the white tones to enhance some of my ironstone collection using as many natural things as I could find.  We have a terrific pumpkin farm not too far away so as soon as they opened for the season, I was there!  White pumpkins and gourds, corn from our own farm, dry twigs from a dead fall in the woods, a few dried gourds that I grew years ago and some early bittersweet.  In full disclosure, the cotton stems are artificial.  I guess the Halloween decorations come next.  Enjoy!

Show and Tell Friday


  1. It all looks so lovely Melinda!! I couldn't even tell the cotton stems weren't real, they sure look like it. I have 3 ironstone pitchers... but 2 of them are little creamers, hehe! I'm working on getting there though. I love hunting for ironstone when I'm junking. But yes, the whites, naturals, and woods all look good together, love it all~

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I like to make the decorations different each season using items I already have. I love ironstone. Good luck adding to your collection -- I think the hunt is the best part!