Saturday, November 9

Grayslake Antique Market

I woke up today to beautiful sunshine and since we have snow comin' in a few days, decided this was the perfect time to go to the Grayslake Antique Market and see all the Christmas items that would be available.  After an hour to of playing "dodge-car" with idiot drivers who all seemed to be on the roads today and a lot of construction, I got there to find a very full parking lot and winds so strong and blustery that I had to be careful how I opened the car door so it wouldn't lose a leg! There were a few booths set up outside but the dealers were having trouble keeping their items from blowing over and/or away and damaging their wares.

Most dealers were inside the large armory-type building so it was much more pleasant for all of us.  There was really something for everyone.  I was sort of surprised by the lack of high end antiques but there were a few things -- very little furniture, nothing that appealed to my primitive taste but lots of jewelry, collectible glassware, dishes including several really nice turkey platters, used clothing that was supposedly vintage but just looked used to me, several booths that were selling specialty food items and many, many vintage Christmas things.

My son collects WWII memorabilia and I was able to find several things for him for Christmas and his birthday.  Can't show you because his girlfriend reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise!  I also got a few things for her -- keepin' her guessing.

I love the old hardware -- wheels, bedsprings, hinges, doorknobs, ceiling tiles, fencing, gates and old barn wood.

The turkey platters and sets of dishes really caught my eye but I have limited space and more than enough to fill what I have without buying more!  I have lived my entire life without a special platter to serve turkey on once or twice a year so guess I can continue to do so.  My white ironstone collection works just fine for any and every holiday -- makes life much simpler.  Oh yeah, I did buy several of the really huge Ponderosa pine comes from norther California -- plan to use them on the mantle like trees.  Will have to see if that will actually work out like I have it pictured in my mind.  Time will tell.

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