Sunday, November 17

Santa of the month

In 1991, I found a book of patterns for Santa's representing each month of the year. I have been collecting Santa's for years so I got the bright idea to make them and allow myself only a month to compete each one.  That way, when I finished one it would be hung for the coming month and I would always have one ready to replace it.  Sounded reasonable at the time!  As I worked practically non-stop to get each one done, I did little else -- laundry, cleaning, cooking -- no, no and no.  But the Santa's were cute!  And it didn't hurt that each picture had hearts incorporated in the design -- I love hearts!  Another collection yet to be shown.

Since Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, it seemed like the perfect time to share this with you.  Santa is giving thanks before his holiday dinner.  It is worked in counted cross-stitch done on ivory Aida cloth #14.  I completed this piece on 19 November 1991 -- being slightly anal retentive (or maybe it's just OCD), I signed and dated each one as I finished it!

I will post one at the beginning of each month until I have shown all of them.  The Christmas Santa will replace this one in my home on 1 December and is usually the first decoration I put up for the holidays.  Enjoy!  And have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

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