Sunday, January 19

Knitting -- keepin' busy

It's snowing again!  Ok, it's January and I know I should expect cold windy days with little to no sun but this is getting ridiculous!  Not to mention I am cooped up inside with acute bronchitis and am getting bored.  I decided it was time for a knitting project because I can cough and stitch at the same time.  My daughter gave me a beautiful hand spun skein of yarn that is a mixture of wool, mohair and angora in all the colors that I love -- aqua, peach, rose, and variations of each of these.
I wanted something quick and small since I only had 1 skein of this yarn so decided on a scarf -- in this climate you can never have too many of those!  I logged in to my Ravelry account and while searching for something different, found the twisted drop stitch.
Using size 15 needles, I cast on 20 stitches, knit one row and then used the twisted drop stitch for every following row until the end when I knit another row before casting off.  I like the loose effect and the way the shading of the colors presents itself.  It only took a few hours to complete and tomorrow it will make it's debut when I wear it for the first time.


  1. Ooooooh, beautiful!! Love the skein colors and especially the knitting! Yes, it will keep you cozy warm. Be careful out there~

  2. Thank you and thanks for visiting. I love your Valentine tree! Look forward to more of your posts.

  3. Melinda! It looks great. I love the color. K