Saturday, January 4

January Santa

Ok, so the ornaments are all put away for another 11 months, all the dry pine needles are vacuumed, the stockings are "unhung", left-overs either eaten or thrown out and poor ole Santa is pooped!  Come to think of it, everyone I know is exhausted at this time of the year -- me included.
So off come the boots and out comes the teapot filled with hot tea to settle the stomach of the guy who ate his way around the world just a few short nights ago. After all, just how many cookies and glasses of eggnog can one man consume? The date on the back of this piece is 3 Jan 1991.  After completing the series of monthly Santa's in counted cross stitch, I switched back to knitting, needlepoint and then quilting for awhile.  Right now I am knitting a sweater that I need to finish before I get sick of looking at it!  More on that later.

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