Thursday, March 13


Anyone who has known me for more than 10 minutes knows that I am in love with all things chocolate.  I even made a needlepoint pillow about it!  My very favorite is Fannie May dark chocolate butter creams.  YUM!  But it doesn't have to be "good" chocolate -- I am perfectly happy with a Hershey bar, even chocolate chips used for baking eaten right out of the bag.  Godiva is sort of wasted on me because the texture really isn't as creamy as I like.  And I'm sort of a purist -- I am happier if there isn't anything in it especially nuts.  I don't like nuts in fudge or chocolate chip cookies -- why ruin something that is perfect all by it's self?  Easter is a true test for my will-power (or in my case, won't power) -- "I won't have another chocolate covered marshmallow egg" or "I won't have that solid chocolate bunny").  By the way, do you eat the ears first and work down or the tail first and work up?  Just askin'.  One year when our kids were small and about a month or more before Easter, I went to the Fannie May shop and bought all the cute specialty items -- the chocolate nest of green coconut with little jelly beans in the center, the white and milk chocolate solid rabbits, the small chocolate eggs that were cream filled and decorated with flowers -- everything they had so that the Easter baskets would look really pretty.  Several weeks later I realized that the "stash" was completely gone!  My husband didn't care for chocolate, the kids didn't know where I had hidden it and there were no ghosts in the house so it must have been me!  I ate all of their treats!  What kind of mom does that?  Oh right, I'm the kind of mom that does that.  So, I went back and bought more even though the selection wasn't as good.  The real problem reared it's ugly head when I was putting their baskets together the night before "Bunny" day and discovered that there wasn't enough to fill even 1 basket much less 2!  So off I went to Walgreen's and bought whatever they had left on the shelf!  I desperately need to exercise some restraint.  Guess some real exercise wouldn't hurt either!

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