Monday, March 17

Miniature chairs

I mentioned a while ago, in an earlier post, that my dad had taken up chair caning when he retired.  He also decided to try and make miniature chairs so that he could experiment with different types of seats such as rush and woven.  My mom had a teddy bear collection so she used these for her bears.  I now have them sitting throughout my home and use them for holiday decorations as well as alone so that the craftsmanship can be seen and appreciated.

He used a lathe to make the backs, legs, arms and stringers and them chose different styles of weaving and reed materials for the seats.  Some were actually measured to fit the size of the bears!

I feel very fortunate to have had such a talented father and am delighted to have these small chairs as a reminder of his creativity.  These were all made about 30 years ago and look as good now as they when he made them!  Thanks, daddy.  I think of you every day when I see these.

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