Wednesday, October 9

Boo everybody!

The inside of my home is all decorated for fall and waiting for my 2 little grandsons to come for a visit. When I moved to the condo from our home in NC (that included a 1820's log cabin), I decided to go for a more updated look and change things a little -- less primitive and more traditional.  My intentions were good but it only worked for a few months.  Soon I was missing my favorite prims and needed to change things back to what I really love.  I began collecting salt glazed crocks again, baskets and many other things that make my heart sing and here is the result so far.  I am still looking for some things (as with every collector, the hunt is the best part and never ends!) and will probably have my new chairs recovered to a more suitable fabric that blends better with my antique coverlets from my great-great grandmother and the muddy colors that I love.  Collecting is always a work in progress and my home is a perfect example of that.  I am always tweaking to change the look and enjoy seeing things in a new way.  Enjoy the tour of my fall home.

I have no idea what these little pumpkin plants are called but I found them at a local nursery and liked them instantly.  You have to keep them in water which I am doing so will be interested to see how long they will last.  Anyone know the name of these?

I love the crocks with the hand painted bee stinger and will be on the look-out for more of these on Sunday when I go to the Sandwich Antique Show.

Bittersweet has been really hard to come by this season.  The man who always comes up from Indiana and sells it by the side of the road has about 1/3 of what he normally has and said that his sources have been destroyed because so many feel it is a weed (which I guess it is) and a nuisance so they are spraying to kill it.  Don't they understand how much we need this for our fall decorations? It is soooo messy but that's just the price you pay for beauty.

If you read my earlier post of my finds at the flea market in Elkhorn, WI, I told you that I'd let y'all know what I decided to do with the rake head I found.  I added some bittersweet, a burlap bow and some twine then hung it off an old tobacco dryer in the dining room.  So much for the traditional look!
Hope you enjoyed the tour -- y'all come back now, ya hear?

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  1. Love your tobacco basket! I have had mind for 20 years. I took it down for a while but recently brought it back out to hang in the laundry room. Yours looks so festive. I might have to copy you.

    from Virginia

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the texture that the tobacco dryer adds to the room and I am constantly changing out what is hanging from it. We gave this to our son when we moved to FL but when I came back he had it stored in his attic so I asked for it back!