Sunday, October 13

Sandwich time . . .

Another beautiful fall day in Illinois and it seemed the best way to spend it was to go to the Sandwich Antique Show -- the last of the year.  This is a long running show and we have bought some great pieces of furniture there in the past.  Over the last few years, word was that it had become more of a mediocre flea market than antique show and since we were living out of state, it had been 10 years since we last attended.  I am so glad that I went back today to give it another try because it was a very up-scale show with dealers from all over the mid-west -- many with primitive items -- my favorite!    While many of the prices were high, the quality was good and the selections were better than I can usually find in our local shops.  The show is under new management so things will continue to improve and the dealers that I spoke with seemed very happy about the changes.

I was on the hunt for another salt-glazed crock with the stinger design and I was lucky enough to find one!  I already have the 3 Gal. and 4 Gal. size so wanted something different and here is my find of the day.

This was made by the Minnesota Stoneware Company and was the forerunner of Red Wing Pottery.  I think this was made late 1880's early 1890's and was used as a field jug taking water to the farmers and their helpers working in the fields and bringing in the harvest.  I love that the number and bee with stinger are hand painted and have survived for over 120 years.

Wonder how many more sizes I can find to add to my collection?  I love the hunt!


  1. Glad to see Sandwich is coming back!

  2. Beautiful crocks! I have some that were made in Europe, beautiful pieces of art and utilitarian. I use mine to hold my wooden cooking utensils!

    1. Not sure what I will use mine for once the pumpkins and gourds are gone but may use them for some greens and pinecones for the holidays. Thanks for returning to my blog!