Tuesday, October 1

It's all about the candy!

Where I come from, candy corn is a fall staple -- one of the 4 basic food groups.  However, we always had it mixed with Spanish peanuts so you had the "sweet and salty thing" goin' on.  No one in this area heard of that until I took it in to work one day last fall.  Now it is a huge hit!  Guess we had a different take on things -- just like we always had mayonnaise on our burgers and coleslaw on top of the pulled pork BBQ.  What's so strange about that?


  1. Hi! I'm your fourth follower! It's always good to find a new fun blogger. I allow myself one bag of candy corn per season. This year's bag is already gone. I eat mine with pistachios. And, as for the burger and the barbecue...well, of course.

    Hugs to you and your new beginning from another G.R.I.T.

  2. Welcome and thanks for joining me on this "virtual" journey. Love to hear your comments and hope you will find more to enjoy in the future.