Sunday, September 29

Me at the Flea . . .

Today was a beautiful fall day in the midwest -- sunny, cool temps, not a cloud in the sky and the last Elkhorn Flea Market (in WI) for the year.  So a friend and I hopped in her car and off we went to see what trouble we could get ourselves into.  We were there by 9:30am and it was packed!  Booths, tents, buildings, tables of stuff for as far as you could see.  I knew that there had to be something there calling my name and needing a new home -- you know, the item that you don't need at all but can't live without?  Neither of us was looking for anything in particular but we both knew what the other liked and/or collected.  So with the GPS in her head, she mapped out the desired path through this maze of junk and we were on our way.

For years, we boated on Lake Michigan so nautical things always appeal to me.  I love the colors and the fact that someone has taken the time to make the wooden buoys, the glass floats and rope knots that hold them, the nets and the intricate knots tied with their lines.

I love English ironstone!  I have a lot of pieces but always look for more and today I found this very useful small oval bowl that will be perfect for veggies or even a salad.  I was surprised that there wasn't more ironstone available.  I was specifically looking for dinner plates but found none.  There were a few pitchers in a variety of sizes but they were priced higher than I was willing to pay.  In fact, I thought a lot of the prices were high but hey, maybe that's just me.

I have been looking for a narrow piece of architectural salvage to place above the entry to the dining room from the living room.  I have only 10 inches to work with so was delighted to find this old hand-carved piece of wood trim with flowers made to look like hearts (or maybe its hearts that look like flowers? -- whatever, hearts are another one of my favorite things.  How could I go wrong with this?  Now, it just needs a good coat of oil to bring out the color of the wood and then up it goes.  Hope I don't fall off the stupid ladder and break my hip trying to hang this!

And lastly, an old rake head.  I have one at the NC house but that home is being rented and I don't feel right going to the people and asking for some of my stuff back!  So, I have been looking for another one and today found it.  Of course, it was sticking out of a large floral arrangement that was for sale but all I wanted was the rake so I pulled it out and asked if I could buy it thinking the answer would be no.  I was pleasantly surprised when they agreed and asked if $4 would be okay.  Okay?  I could barely contain my enthusiasm or keep from jumping up and down with excitement!  I thought they were kidding so I quickly gave them the money before they changed their mind and walked away as fast as I could.  Later, I will post of photo after I get it decorated and hung up somewhere in my home.

It was a great day -- good friend, great finds and lots of new ideas to think about and repurpose to suit my primitive sensibilities.  I have iced my knees, taken Motrin for my hip and will now hobble into bed to get ready for another day.

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