Thursday, September 19

In The Beginning..........

Collecting is part of my DNA
For a long time I have wondered why anyone would feel the need to express their ideas, thoughts or opinions and why they might be of interest to total strangers.  It seemed arrogant to me.  But that was then and this is now and like so many others, I have come to the conclusion that I will gain much more from doing this than I can give if I do a blog of my own.  Not that I feel anything I say or do is all that important but more so that I can find out from others, who might find this blog, their suggestions, share their talents and learn about people who may share my hobbies and interests.  I have recently become friends with a lady who does a blog and I love the things she posts!  She, like me, is an avid collector so I love to see what she had found at local flea markets or antique shows she has attended.  And because I look forward to her posts, I have discovered others who have blogs of things I also enjoy and go back often to see their new findings.  Perhaps someone will find that same joy with something that I post.

I'm not a total virgin at this blogging stuff -- remember back in the mid-1990's when ER was a huge hit on TV?  A small group of us got together and formed a online fan club that allowed us to express our likes and dislikes of each episode (what's not to like about George Clooney?) and how plausible some of their episodes were.  Because I am a RN, I was asked to write a column each week discussing one of the medical conditions featured, or the legal vs. ethical situations that were shown, mistakes that were obvious and things that would never actually happen in your local Emergency Room.  Because 2 of the supporting cast were from Chicago, several of the actors would come each summer during their hiatus and appear at a fund-raiser that was held in conjunction with Mt. Sinai Hospital who were raising funds for their new ER addition and renovation.  There was a silent auction and dinner and dancing at one of the large hotels in Chicago and everyone had a great time.  The cast were very generous with their time and always spent time talking to those who attended not to mention items from the show that they donated to the auction.  So my blogging began long before the term ever became a known word!

As time progresses and I post photos of meaningful things in my life, projects I am working on, special occasions, etc., I will go into more detail about these things and how they affect my life.


  1. Melinda!
    Welcome to Blogland. You will have a wonderful time. Enjoy! Kim

  2. Thanks so much for all of your help and encouragement.