Tuesday, September 24

Step-Back Cherry Hutch

In my first photo that I posted I said that I am a collector -- truer words were never spoken!  I was raised by parents who were both collectors.  My mothers parents collected vintage glassware and my grandmother had glass shelves running the length of their sunporch and each of the 3 shelves were filled with glassware some of which turned purple from the sunlight action on the slag in the glass.  They also had a huge collection of milk glass -- the original pieces manufactured before the 1900's.  Their home was filled with Victorian antique furniture and I swore that I would never own a single piece as long as I lived and so far, I have kept my promise!  My fathers mother kept many family pieces -- no so much because she was a collector but because she appreciated the family connection.  She didn't have much money but she understood the importance of using what her own parents, grandparents and great-grandparents had owned and used every day of their lives.

When my husband and I began collecting, we were both drawn to the simple lines of primitive furniture.  He loved the patina of the wood and I loved the clean utilitarian design.  We have been looking for and buying things that we loved and have things from his family as well as mine.  Our last home was built specifically for these wonderful pieces that brought us so much joy.  And the fun was in the hunt!  Flea markets, auctions, antique shows and shops all over the east coast as well as some great things we found in the Chicago area.

Today's picture is of a cherry 2 piece step-back hutch with the original glass made in 1846 in southwestern VA.  My great-great grandfather had an account with the cabinet maker and the ledgers from him are in the genealogical library in the county.  So I know when he made the purchase and that after his death, it went to one of his sons who gave it to his daughter.  She then gave this to my grandfather, her 1st cousin and when my grandparents passed away, this was left to me along with everything they had in it.  This was always my favorite thing in their home and they knew that.  I am so fortunate to have had this and to be the 5th generation to own it.  When my husband died and I moved back to this area, I gave the hutch to my daughter so it is now proudly displayed in her home and another generation is able to use and enjoy it.

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  1. I love that Cherry Hutch. It's beautiful. Your daughter is one lucky girl!