Thursday, September 26

Pickin' punkins

I decided that today was the perfect fall day to go select pumpkins and gourds for decorating both inside and out.  There is a wonderful pumpkin farm about 40 min. from home and they have a great selection of types, sizes and colors of pumpkins as well as huge mums, corn stalks, Indian corn and hay bails.  They have a corn maze and give hayrides on the weekends for the little ones.

I love all the varieties, colors and textures.  These are beyond the "Jack-O-Lantern" style of pumpkin.  But never fear, they have those too!  Some so big that it would take a front loader to move them!  Our rule when our kids were little was that they could only pick out a pumpkin that they could lift.  Our youngest tried to roll his to the car one year because he couldn't pick it up and that was the one he wanted.  Waiting to see what happens when he takes his boys this week-end to pick out their own pumpkins!  

Needless to say, the back of my car was full by the time I left.  Of course, I always forget that they have to be taken from my car, placed in a cart and taken to the upper floor of my building, carried in and then I have to decide how I am going to use them.  It's overwhelming standing in the field looking at all the choices -- seems so easy there!  

Ya gotta love punkins -- warts and all!

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