Friday, September 27

Fixin' to paint the mantle . . .

Several months ago, a close friend and I were sitting in my living room talking about all the changes I have made since moving in last year.  I told her that I still wasn't completely happy with the fireplace surround because it seemed too formal for my primitive taste.  Then I realized that it was the dental molding that bothered me the most so she suggested that I cover it up.  Sounded simple enough so I figured just how hard can that be?  Next idea was that the white color wasn't working so it needed to be painted a deeper shade of the wall color.  I had several samples from when I was picking out paint colors so I got them out and started painting areas to get an idea of how it would look once this project was done.  Of course, once you begin spreading paint all over the place you know you're going to have to paint it all even if you go back to the original color!  All these ideas and we weren't even drinking!  This is the "before" picture.

I went to the local home store and had the paint mixed to match what I had pictured in my mind and bought all the necessary supplies -- wood to cover the molding, sandpaper, spackle to cover the nail holes, painter's tape, and a drop cloth.  I have a drill so didn't need to get that or borrow my sons.  And now that I had all of this stuff, I was committed.  Or maybe should be committed to a "special" place for people like me!

I held the wood trim up to begin drilling the nail holes (so the wood wouldn't split) and realized that the dummy at the store had cut it 2" too short!  After letting my blood pressure return to normal, I went back to the store and walked up and down ever isle until I found the same guy so that I could have him do it again.  This clown didn't even apologize for screwing up -- no "Sorry for your trouble . . . " ,  no "I have no idea how I did that . . . ", nothing.

I drilled, hammered, spackled, sanded, taped and began painting.  I have no patience with anything so it was hard for me to wait until the first coat was dry before I was on to the second.  I was texting my girlfriend the entire time so she could see the progress and make suggestions (most of which I didn't pay any attention too!).  It took 3 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted -- hard to believe that it took that much to cover up white!  Who knew?

Here is the "after" photo and I am very happy with the results.  The color is about 3 shades deeper than the wall color and not as formal as before.  All of this in less than 48 hours.  I probably should have waited another day before replacing things on the mantle and decorating it but just couldn't go to bed without it being done!  I like instant gratification.  Once it was completed I sent pictures to several friends and to my kids -- my daughter told me how nice it looked (what choice did she have?) but my son's comment was "Glidden is good paint, mom".  Really?  That's it?  I guess it's better than being told I'm nuts!  Or that he hates it.  

Now, it's all decorated for fall and I am happy with all the layers -- found bittersweet today so that is the final thing that I added.  Enjoy.


  1. I enjoyed your play-by-play and love the finished product! You've styled your newly painted fireplace to perfection. :)

    Visiting from FJI.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Please come back often!

  3. Cute post! Your mantle came out great and I had to laugh when you told us about your sons just don't get it...LOL

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you will come back often.