Wednesday, September 25

It's fall, y'all

Fall is such a great time of the year!  It's the time to celebrate the end of long, hot, humid summer days, the turning of the leaves from green to golds and reds, pumpkins growing in the fields, decorating with gourds, Indian corn and bittersweet, helping your children and grandchildren decide on their costumes for Halloween (because, after all, it is all about the candy!) and bringing in the harvest.

Last year I moved back to IL and decided to use gourds and pumpkins in my pots on the balcony instead of mums.  Little did I know that the squirrels would jump into the balcony from the near-by oak tree and feast on my decorations!  Who knew they were so industrious?

We were fortunate to have such a wonderful view from our porch in western NC.  I miss watching the colors change and the difference the light made as the sun set each evening.

This was what we saw as we come up the drive to the top of the mountain.  I changed out the flowers, etc. with each season but the rabbit stayed all year around.  He often had a bow on to dress up a little for the holidays.  This pumpkin froze to the ground and rotted so I left it in place until after the winter was over -- when spring arrived I noticed something growing and didn't think much of it until I realized that it was pumpkin plant!  That fall I had 3 pumpkins that had grown and matured from the seeds of the original one.  It was fun to watch and the squirrels, deer and bear were happy with the easy to reach food.  

Fall in the mid-west and waiting for the leaves to begin to turn.  Thanks for visiting -- I am enjoying finding new bloggers almost on a daily basis and learning things they have done to live in the country, primitive style.  

I love Bittersweet!  In NC I could load up the back of my car with it for about $30.  Here, in the midwest, it doesn't work that way.  Or if it does, I haven't found the right location yet.  Maybe it's just a well kept secret but no matter 'cause my search for this beautiful plant, that many consider a weed and nuisance, continues.

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  1. Melinda,
    Spray the pumpkins and gourds with shellac and the squirrels will not touch them. Plus the colors look a little more vibrant.